What can Finland offer?

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Why invest in Finland?

Finland is well known for having world class expertise in sectors like clean tech, forestry, metal and machinery manufacturing, ICT industry and services, and health and well being. (Source: Invest in Finland)  

FInland is a large country with small but highly educated population - over one fifth lives in the capital region. Finland is especially known for its pool of highly educated engineers in ICT fields. The highly educated population is the result of a free educational system offered at all levels. Compared to other Nordic countries, Finland's top IT skills are offered at the most competitive labor cost.

Thanks to low corporate tax rate of 20% (third lowest among G7 an EU15 countries) and decreasing labor costs, among other things, Finland has become an attractive country for increased investment since 2013 and expects stronger economic growth in the coming years.

Finland's competitive edge in the world is its' strong foundation of ICT know-how that has been highly integrated to various industries to boost efficiency. Companies like Kone, Metso, Valmet and Wärtsilä are examples of world class machinery cluster.

Thanks to Slush, one of the world's biggest start-up events, Finland has attracted increasing investments from abroad, showing global confidence in Finnish early start-ups and growth companies. Majority of VC investments go Finnish start-ups in ICT. Thanks to Supercell Finnish gaming industry boasts remarkable growth.

Finland promotes a clean and sustainable environment and a just and equal society.

(source: August Associates and Amcham Finland, more details from the  Fact Pack)

Instructions for setting up a business in Finland (Business Finland) and portal for all useful information (like permits etc.) and services available.

Detailed Guide for establishing business in Finland (www.investinfinland.fi).

Finland among the best in the world (by Statistics Finland).

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